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May 7, 2012

Weekly Events:


Monday: JH Track – District Sub League @ South Bend

Wednesday: HS Track – Sub District @ Naselle

                       Golf at North Beach

Thursday: JH Track – League @ North Beach

Friday: HS Track – Sub District @ Naselle


Student Information:


* Junior High cheerleading sign up sheet and forms are available in the office.

* Pacific County is now accepting applications from high school students for summer jobs. For more information see Mr. Vetter or Mrs. Webber ASAP.

* Community Service available: Students are needed for working at the family fair here in the gym May 18th and 19th. 25 students are needed to help with the fair. Call Raymond Timberland Library at 942-2408 to volunteer or to ask for more details.

* Looking for students willing to help at the centennial celebration Fri June 1, Sat June 2 and or Sun June 3.  All students helping will be invited to a free pizza party and receive a free centennial t-shirt.  Please sign up with Mrs. Frazier in the office by Friday.  Community Service available.

* Willapa Harbor Youth Soccer sign up forms available in the high school office.

* Attention all 7th-11th grade volleyball players paperwork for volleyball camp with Eastern is in the office.  Camp will be here from July 1st through July 3rd.  Cost is just $100.  There is financial help available by contacting Coach Swogger.  Paperwork and money is due to Jana Maneman by June 1st.  


All School Detention: Mr. S. Silvernail

                   Bus Duty: Mrs. Lockett


Monday: Combo bar, hashbrown patty, peaches, trail mix, milk

Tuesday: Breakfast pizza, cereal, pineapple, sunflower seeds, milk

Wednesday: French toast, syrup, string cheese, sunflower seeds, fruit cocktail, milk

Thursday: Blueberry muffins, cereal, mandarin oranges, sunflower seeds, milk

Friday: Maple bar, cereal, pears, string cheese, milk


Monday: Chicken nuggets, ham & cheese pocket, salad bar, peaches, rice krispie treat, milk

Tuesday: Pizza pocket, meatball sub, pear, salad bar, fruit snack, milk

Wednesday: Beef taco, burrito, salad bar, orange wedges, oreo cookie, milk

Thursday: Chicken burger, roast beef wrap, salad bar, applesauce, goldfish grahams, milk

Friday: Ravioli, breadsticks, marinara sauce, salad bar, pears, teddy grahams, green beans, milk


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