State’s highest honor comes after earlier designation as a 2017 Board of Distinction

Raymond Public Schools won the award in the category of 1,000 or fewer students. Boards of the Year are those whose nomination for Board of Distinction is the highest-scoring in each of three size categories. Quincy School District’s board (in the 1,001-9,000-student size category) and the board of Issaquah School District (in the 9,001+ student size category) were also recognized. Earlier this month, the Raymond School Board of Directors was named one of only 23 Boards of Distinction by the Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA).

Each year WSSDA invites school boards to submit applications documenting research- based governance practices that lead to high levels of student and district achievement. This year, WSSDA asked school boards to respond to and provide evidence of:

  • Making decisions that positively changed the “opportunity gap.”
  • Engaging the local community and representing the values and expectations it holds for schools by ensuring district information and decisions are communicated community-wide.

The board submitted evidence of success in closing the opportunity gap through such initiatives as:

  • Save the Children home visits
  • Parent education
  • Reducing parent out-of-pocket education costs
  • Implementing curriculum designed for second-language learners
  • “Jump Start” for all incoming kindergartners to help them have a strong start in school
  • Requiring that all high schoolers have an “after high school” plan prior to graduation
  • Fostering links to higher education, career and educational opportunities beyond the town’s borders

Additionally, the board reported on how the District engages the local community by:

  • Informing the community regarding school activities and issues via monthly newspaper articles and digital kiosks
  • Collecting data annually from staff, parents and students regarding District operations
  • Publishing and updating an interactive strategic plan on the District’s website

The board’s nomination, which earned the highest scores of the state’s smaller districts, is published online.

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