Raymond school district has several methods by which we contact parents regarding various unusual situations. For example, we inform families regarding planned early releases, weather events and any emergency situations which may arise. The following communication methods are used:

Planned Early Release—You will receive an automated phone call reminding you of an early release that is on the calendar. We also have a downloadable calendar.

Weather Events

  • You will receive an automated phone call as early as possible. Sometimes we will be able to do this the night before. Other times it will depend upon what our transportation director finds when he drives the roads early in the morning.
    • Whenever the District declares a delay due to snow, parents should expect some disruption in the bus schedules and bus stops. In this situation, busses will not travel on hills. Students have been told by their drivers specifically where snow route bus stops are, but in general the busses will stick to main streets without hills or side streets. This means that, as a rule, Highway 101, Highway 6, Fowler, and Highway 105 will be the primary routes. The busses will be traveling slower than normal, so times are not very predictable; however, busses will wait longer than usual at each stop.
  • Website—Our front page has a link entitled "Emergency Information." normally, this page will mirror what you see on TV and what is announced on the radio.
  • Facebook—We will post on facebook any weather info.
  • Television—The Seattle stations provide a list of schools with late start or closed information.
  • Radio—Local radio stations (95.3, 105.7) will announce late starts or closed information.

Emergency Situations

  • If possible, we will send out an automated phone call. Specific instructions regarding the situation may include pick-up directions, likely duration of the event and any specifics from city, county or state authorities.
  • We will also attempt to update our website and Facebook, as appropriate.
  • We encourage parents to limit phone calls as the communication system may be under stress.

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